April 16, 2011 kicks off the Green Big Day competition!

Birders, mark your calendars for April 23 as we kick off a fun international greenbirding competition.  Choose a date between April 23 and May 8.  Then, build a team of at least 2 people.  Finally, hop on your bike or use your legs to tally as many bird species as you can in your county of residence in one 24 hour day!  Submit your sightings at www.greenbigday.org by May 15 if you would like to compete.  Let’s have fun with this! 

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5 Responses to April 16, 2011 kicks off the Green Big Day competition!

  1. Fabulous idea – I will be publicising around the Montreal birding community.

    Just one thing … thanks for putting the original bigby link up under “Greenbirding’s Groundbreakers” but perhaps you wouldn’t mind changing the link to the latest version of the page at http://www.sparroworks.ca/CA/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=115&Itemid=66 because we are no longer registering individuals – this thing has a life of its own.


  2. Kimberly says:

    Looks like fun! We’ve moved to the middle of nowhere in Idaho. You’d love it. There are birds everywhere. Seriously.

  3. Paul says:

    Looking forward to cycling the Santa Cruz, CA area in less than a month with a couple buddies. Hopefully Scott will join.

  4. Brilliant idea! I know that I’ll be doing it at a small salty reserve here in Worcestershire [NOT the place in Shrek!], UK. It would be great to have a site where Grren Birders could get together to swop tales and ideas and this competition may just be the start of something big. I do so hope so. We need to be seen to be Green. Birders should be at the forefront of stopping climate change. A massive thanks to all who are going to take part. Get in touch!
    Biking Birder 2010

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