150 birds, 2 sore dudes

Since last Saturday, I have barely been able to hold chopsticks with enough strength in my hand to keep sushi from falling back to the plate.  Folks, I have learned for the 2nd and hopefully last time…that it is wise to train for a 16-hour day of birding by bike!  I should have listened to Josiah Clark who trains for these green big days every year.

Anyway, Alex Rinkert and I managed to break the previous Santa Cruz County GBD record of 130 with an exhausting effort that began with a Great-horned Owl and ended with a Barn Owl.  After recounting (making sure there were no hanging chads), Alex Rinkert emailed me with excitement to tell me we had logged 150 species on the day!

I’ll be posting everyone’s stories soon, keep ’em coming.  You have until the end of May to do a Green Big Day in your neighborhood, no matter where you live…enjoy!

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