Best Days Ever!

Fellow green big day birders,

I know some of you have yet to email me your lists, photos, descriptions, etc., but I trust you each had a magnificent time wherever you were, enjoying your local birds by foot or bike!  Stay tuned for descriptions and video of my GBD efforts this spring, as well as your “best birds” photos.

For me, doing a green big day not only drives home how much fun birders can have leaving cars at home.  I also get a personal ecological snapshot of my local county here in the temperate North, right at the convergence of time when straggling winter residents cross paths with incoming summer residents.  Given a backdrop of super cool resident birds gearing up to breed, you can’t go wrong spending a day out in natural nooks and crannies of where you live.  Read my short article about this in the Santa Cruz Bird Club newsletter here:


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2 Responses to Best Days Ever!

  1. Ron Weeks says:

    Scott or whoever reads these comments…

    Saw the Birding article and never realized there was such a site. I coordinated a group of teenagers as part of the Energy Saver section of the 2011 Great Texas Birding Classic. We (Jason Oehring, John Hale, Eleanor Kwik and I) saw and heard 152 species in 51 miles of biking. Would have been the best for 2011 but short of the 2012 effort. We have the route and now have the target – expect some TX efforts in the years ahead.

    Ron Weeks
    Lake Jackson TX

  2. Scott Smithson says:

    Thanks Ron, I look forward to a TX team next year!

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