161: the new US green big day record!

I have finally finished uploading results of each of your green big day efforts in the drop down menus from the 2012 Results tab.  Of the teams that also participated last year, nine out of ten beat their own previous score, some by a dozen or more species!

Congratulations to Josiah Clark and Steve Phillips for setting a new US green big day record, with 161 species by bike in Marin County, CA.  Robert Furrow was a close second, with a 159 species by bike in Santa Clara County, CA.

I have also begun to add creative commons photos of your “best bird” of the day, and feel free to email me any greenbirding photos you would like to share for the website.  Still working on trimming some video clips and personal interviews, so you may be hearing from me soon…:)


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One Response to 161: the new US green big day record!

  1. Pat ODonnell says:

    That is an incredible number of birds seen from a bike!

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