Redshank, Greenshank!

With all of the incredible shorebird sightings rolling in this summer already, I am compelled to share some carbon calculation tips for those (like me) who have not yet developed full resistance to a mega-rarity chase. Of course, the cleanest and greenest way to see a redshank, greenshank or any other awesome vagrant, is to continually monitor shorebird flocks in your own area until one shows up 1-50 years from now…:)

General Process:

1. Find out about that amazing sighting, and map out the round trip mileage.

2. Rent a hybrid and/or fill your car with birders who want to be green and save green.

3. Proceed to now famous location (without looking up current reports while driving).

4. Enjoy finding or missing the target bird with throngs of other birders.

5. Calculate your carbon consumption post-trip with a free online calculator, and divide it by the number of birders in your car.

6. Submit recommended carbon offset donation to an organization authorized to grant carbon credits through activities that actually “put plants in the ground.”

7. Keep records of your rare bird adventures and where new trees are growing because of them!

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