2013: Green up your Big Year!

Since the world indeed persisted beyond Dec 21, it’s time to start making those big year plans for 2013. How many bird species will you be able to identify in your home county or state next year? We birders love January, because our year lists reset to 0, and every early year outing adds to the fun obsession of Big Year birding.

Here are two challenges for you to consider for 2013:

1. Try a BIGBY next year. A “Big Green Birding Year” can only include birds that you observe by foot or bike or boat from your place of residence or work. Driving your vehicle to chase birds cannot add to your BIGBY record totals. Imagine making good on resolutions involving exercise, while discovering great birds within walking distance of your home! Check out www.greenbirding.ca for more info, to submit regional records, and to connect with the greenbirding community.

2. Do a Big Year that is “carbon-neutral.” I imagine that the majority of birders, myself included, will drive vehicles to go see birds at some point next year. What if we tracked our mileage for each jaunt and using online calculators, figured out creative ways to offset our birding related emissions?

Stay tuned…

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3 Responses to 2013: Green up your Big Year!

  1. Darin Rounsevell says:

    This is my first big year and it’s all green. I have three types of transport bike,canoe & middle age legs. Sounds like fun .

  2. Rick Schroeder says:

    I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, and am going to do a big green year, walking or biking from my home. Today I was rewarded with a northern pygmy owl and a common redpoll. Total species count is now at 34. Not sure what to expect by year’s end – maybe 80 to 100? I like the motivation to bike and walk more!

  3. Scott Smithson says:

    Dates of Green Big Day 2013 will be:

    All of April and May!

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