Green Big Day 3.0 begins!

OK, the window is open, April 1-May 31. Take a hike, ride a bike, paddle a kayak, and go enjoy the avian diversity of your region. I look forward to hearing some great stories from around the world!

Rumor has it that the 170 species mark was broken in March by a biking team in the Bay Area…more on that soon.

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  1. Ron Weeks says:


    John Hale of College Station and I just logged 181 species in Texas today (now technically yesterday). Will get something formally submitted once I get some rest. We did a route that included Anahuac NWR, High Island and Bolivar Flats. We traveled over 71 miles on our bikes! We did our day under Great Texas Birding Classic (and ABA and Green Big Day) rules which adds specific rules prohibiting the use of playback recording and the use of lights – a truly Green Big Day.

    Ron Weeks
    Lake Jackson, TX

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