Biking birders set new benchmark: 181 species!

It’s tough enough to see over 150 species in a day by car, but unbelievably, two teams from California and Texas have both broken the US carbon-free record this spring and are now tied at 181!

I’ll have more details soon on these and other amazing efforts this spring…don’t forget to submit your lists.

By the way, most of us don’t have to bike 100 miles to set a greenbirding record in our home counties, so go for it, and then share your experience with the birding community.

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One Response to Biking birders set new benchmark: 181 species!

  1. Ponç Feliu says:

    Hi everybody. Really interesting web! And really amazing score 181. It’s 12 more than our European mark!

    We would like to introduced ourselves. We are a group of birders from Catalonia, NE Spain, Europe, Tramuntana Birding Team. We´ve been doing Big Days for 10 years (we currently have the European Record, with 217 sps in 24 hours). Since 2012, we’ve changed Big Days for Green Big Days and we managed to see 169 in 24 hours. We did that on April the 22nd 2012 and, again the same score, last May the 4th. A part from that, I’m doing a Green Big Year (, and I’ve seen up to 248 especies from January the first (with more than 3500 kilometers by bike!).

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