Hertfordshire, UK

Team HER (Hertfordshire)

Here’s some info about my ‘team’ from Tring, UK: we are me, Sue Rowe and my
birding friend Tina Perry. We are keen birders but don’t go in for much listing
or twitching – we just like walkng around looking at birds! The area we live in
has a variety of habitats within walking distance – the reservoirs at Tring, the
flooded chalk pits nearby, the woods in the Chilterns and the tops of Ivinghoe
HIlls, all containing nature reserves. Tina has been a keen birder and RSPB
member all her life – I am a late convert, although a biologist by training I
only came to birding about 4 years ago but am a keen BTO member, contrbuting to
both the BBS and the Atlas surveys. I am a keen cyclist – Tina prefers walking –
we have decided to walk the route of 12 or so miles on the Green Big Day –
basically we are walking from my house (up in the hills) to Tina’s house (down
in the town of Tring) and staying with each other both the nights before and
after. There will definitely be a bottle of wine at Tina’s house for a
celebration when we finish. It will be on the Royal Wedding Day so we’ll raise a
glass to them too! Don’t know how many species we’ll get, but we’re both looking
forward to it – love the concept. I’m pleased to say the local birders are right
behind us and have said they will around to give us a helping hand whcih we will
definitely need!!

Good luck to everybody and am looking forward to hear how everybody gets on!
Have a fun day! Sue

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