Spokane, WA

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  1. David says:

    Green Big Mother’s Day

    On May 8th I celebrated Mother’s Day in grand fashion with a casual green big half-day with my mom. We hiked several miles along the Little Spokane River within the Little Spokane River Natural Area. We came out of the half-day with 29 species of birds and many great looks at some spectacular birds, many of which are just now arriving from the south. A colony of CLIFF SWALLOWS put on a show for us as we stood on the bridge under which they are constructing their nests. And in another sign of the breeding season to quickly come, 4 to 5 male YELLOW WARBLERS allowed us to watch and listen to their sing-off battles from the tree tops in one specific spot along the river.

    It was a great time with the birds and with my mom.

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