2011 Map & Scores

Australia (2)

  • Canberra – Team CAN (Peter C): 62 spp walking
  • Palerang – Team PAL (Martin B): 43 spp biking

United Kingdom (6) 

  • East Lothian – Team LOT (Jim N): 93 spp walking
  • Hertfordshire – Team HER (Sue R): 84 spp walking
  • Norfolk – Team NOR (Chris M & Nick M) : 144 spp biking – New UK Record!
  • Strathbeg – Team STR (Dominic etc): 77 spp walking
  • West Midlands – Team WES (Jason O): 41 spp walking
  • Worcestershire – Team WOR: awaiting results

United States (21)


  • Amador – Team AMA (Michael P): 20 spp backyard
  • Los Angeles – Team LAN (Brendan C): 113 spp biking
  • Marin – Team MAR (Josiah C & Andy K): 145 spp biking
  • San Francisco – Team SFR (Josiah C & Dominik M): 136 spp biking
  • San Luis Obispo – Team SLO (Jim R): 143 spp biking
  • San Luis Obispo – Team SLO (Jim R & Mike S): 82 spp walking
  • San Mateo – Team SMA (Mark K & Matt C): 113 spp biking
  • Santa Barbara – Team WIVD (Wim V etc): 112 spp biking
  • Santa Barbara – Team KESA (Kevin S & Gabe S): 35 spp walking (1/2 day)
  • Santa Clara – The Ragin’ Penguin (Rob F): 143 spp biking
  • Santa Cruz – Team SSMS (Scott S & Matt S): 130 spp biking
  • Santa Cruz – Team PMAR (Paul M & Alex R): 120 spp biking
  • Santa Cruz – Team DABA (Dana B etc): 53 spp biking
  • Santa Cruz – Team JEBL (Jeff B): 33 spp walking
  • Santa Cruz – Team ROPM (Roseanne P): 26 spp walking
  • Sutter – Team SUT (David M): 33 spp walking


  • Washington – Team WAS (Paul S): 44 spp walking


  • Lafayette – Team LAF (Nick L): 53 spp walking


  • Chelan – Team CHE (Gretchen R): 62 spp biking, rowing
  • Spokane – Team KITH (Kim T): 51 spp walking
  • Spokane – Team DAHI (David H): 29 spp walking (half day)


  • Florence – Team FLO (Kay & Bob K): 97 spp biking

3 Responses to 2011 Map & Scores

  1. Josiah Clark says:

    Biking big days have been the birding highlight of my year for nearly 5 springs now. With dozens of bike big days under my belt I am thrilled to know that others will be out there scouring their areas’ as well.
    Of course being in Northern California where habitat compression is near its peak in North America is a big help. On each big day we strain to hunt down every last possible species in every reachable habitat and plant community. For me it has become a serious discipline that requires physical conditioning, strategy and up to date knowledge of species detectability. Bird migration, plant communities, arrival and departure dates, optimal weather conditions and even cycling conditions all play into the optimal Bike Big Day strategy.
    Andy Kleinhesselink and I (AKA “The Blackhole Warblers) scored 158 species last spring on April 20 in Marin county. That is our best score yet- but in the spirit of birding and big days we are amped to beat that score with a new new knowledge, new strategies and a new bold route…
    While much of our score is up to us, Nature- as always will play the ultimate wild card in a day that will surely bring out the wild in us, in any case. Of course we are hoping for a fall out on our Big Days this year…
    What better way to usher out the wintering species and usher in the northbound migrants than undertake a self propelled migration of your own? For me this event ties together many very timely environmental and conservation issues, not just for birders but for everyone.
    This extreme edge to bird watching might just be the shot in the arm that birding needs to really tie in new young, active birders.
    I encourage all Green Big day participants to contact their local papers and media. Many angles to report on including local biodiversity, biking routes, climate change and habitat restoration among others. Around here the media appear very interested.
    Good luck and happy hunting!
    Josiah Clark, Consulting Ecologist -SF

  2. The thrill of we over here in Briatin being involved was tremendous and I’m sure that not only did this competition give a big boost to Green Birders but that it will ensure that Green Birding grows.
    To have Chris Mills and Nick Moran smash the previous British day list cycling record was obviously the highlight [ http://www.birdguides.com/webzine/article.asp?a=2714 ] but also to have Sue Rowe and Tina Perry take on Britain’s most famous twitcher Lee Evans, and draw was amazing.
    I can only say roll on next year and let’s get even more Green Birders in the news.
    Well done to one and all and a special thanks to Scott.

    Gary Prescott

    Biking Birder 2010

  3. It comes to something when I can’t type Britain.

    Too excited over the results

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