Scott Smithson

Scott Smithson, San Mateo County

Birding inspiration:

  • Mrs. Sullivan (Kindergarten teacher)
  • Gil West (Sequoia Audubon – mentor from age 9-18)
  • Rafe Payne, PhD (Biola University)
  • MS Bio @ CSU Long Beach (Breeding Biology of Orange Bishops & Nutmeg Mannikins in Southern CA)

Stuff I do:

  • AP Biology & Env Science Instructor, The King’s Academy (
  • Former board member (6 yrs) for Friends of Camp SEA Lab (
  • Occasional tropical ecology courses for undergraduates in Belize & Costa Rica.

3 Responses to Scott Smithson

  1. Ron Weeks says:


    Wondering what the rules are for Green Big Days. Guessing ABA rules with some modifications. My main questions are 1) Can one have a support vehicle? Have youth team and parents would insist on it. Realize that somewhat defeats the purpose of a Green Big Day. and 2) Are playback recordings used like in normal ABA Big Days? Or is green taken to mean no electonics either?

    Thanks for your answers,
    Ron Weeks

  2. Scott Smithson says:

    Check out the About section on the website for the general event rules. A support vehicle for emergencies with kids is understandable, and if it is not used during the count period, the team still conforms to the guidelines. Using responsible playback is permissible, no electronic restrictions specified as of yet!

  3. Domenica&Briana says:

    Mr. Smithson,
    Two years ago, you had us in your honors biology class at mvcs, and we were hoping we could get in contact with you just to see how you are. you were a big influence on our lives and we really appreciate all that you did for us.

    thank you!


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