Colombo, Sri Lanka

Martin Butterfield + 4
Date of Green Big Day: 04/17/2012
County, State: Talangama Tank, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Species Total: 51
Biking, hiking, or other? Hiking and sitting around!
Best Bird of the Day? Cinnamon Bittern

Species List

Lesser Whistling Duck

Little Grebe

Painted Stork

Asian Openbill

Black-headed Ibis

Yellow Bittern

Cinnamon Bittern

Indian Pond Heron

Cattle Egret        Grey Heron        Purple Heron        Little Egret        Spot-billed Pelican        Little Cormorant        Great Cormorant        Oriental Honey Buzzard        Brahminy Kite        White-breasted Waterhen        Purple Swamphen        Common Moorhen        Black-winged Stilt        Red-wattled Lapwing        Pheasant-tailed Jacana        Spotted-necked Dove        Green Imperial Pigeon        Rose-ringed Parakeet        Asian Koel        Greater Coucal        Asian Palm Swift        Little Swift        Stork-billed Kingfisher        White-throated Kingfisher        Brown-headed Barbet        Crimson-fronted Barbet        Black-rumped Woodpecker        Common Iora        Scarlet Minivet        Black-hooded Oriole        White-bellied Drongo        Asian Paradise-flycatcher        House Crow        Large-billed Crow/Jungle Crow        Sri Lanka Swallow        Common Tailorbird        Red-vented Bulbul        White-browed Bulbul        Yellow-billed Babbler        Oriental White-eye        Common Myna        Purple-rumped Sunbird        Long-billed Sunbird

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