Santa Cruz, CA, USA (biking)

Alex Rinkert & Scott Smithson

We completed a biking green big day on Saturday, May 5th, in Santa Cruz County recording 150 species. A flat tire and some treacherous hills didn’t stop us from having a great day of birding around the county! Some highlights . . .


A TOWNSEND’S WARBLER was singing at Forest Lakes in Felton.


A male RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD continued at the UCSC Arboretum. A WESTERN KINGBIRD, GRASSHOPPER and SAVANNA SPARROWS were all singing in Mima Meadow on campus as well.


2 RHINOCEROUS AUKLETS flew by Terrace Point.


On West Cliff Drive, 1 SURFBIRD and 2 BLACK TURNSTONES were on the rocks near Woodrow Avenue.


2 HORNED GREBES in alternate plumage were at the Pajaro River.


Lower Watsonville Slough had the continuing male REDHEAD and female BUFFLEHEAD, 1 WHITE-FACED IBIS, and 2 HORNED LARKS and an AMERICAN PIPIT in a field nearby.


Check out The Green Big Day website ( to hear more on the results of this event.


Alex Rinkert

Santa Cruz


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